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Mohammed’s Story..

    Mohammed, a disabled young man since his childhood, suffers from both poverty and permanent invalidity.

    The amount of sadness in Mohammed’s heart was overwhelming as he saw how his disability prevented him from complying with his young sibling’s wishes of having eid clothes and meat in which they eagerly anticipate each year.

    Because of his physical disability he could not cater for his siblings needs. He deeply wished that he would be in better health to support them, especially that he is the older son.

    The Humanitarian Forum and Human Appeal included Mohammed in the udhiyah distribution project. He was all smiles when he received the udhiyah meat and went back to his family with the meat bag.

    It is an indescribable feeling when we see with our own eyes the sheer joy on the faces of the poor youngsters as they look into the content of the meat bag, a meat that they probably only see in Eid Al-Adha.