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About HFYemen

What is the Humanitarian Forum

Humanitarian Forum – Yemen is a local Yemeni NGO. It is the largest network of organizations in Yemen and has more than 21 member organizations in Yemen, acting on enhancing and coordination and cooperation among NGOs in terms of capacity development, implementing various programs and activities and.  It was officially established and authorized during the year 2009 to include a lot of civil NGOs/cooperation’s and now seeking to enlarge the membership at governorates.

The Humanitarian Forum believes in the ability of human and humanitarian organizations with different cultural and civilizational backgrounds to work ogether to ddress the causes of poverty and injustice in the world. It will have an unprecedented role in addressing poverty and increasing the volume of aid  by attracting aid from local humanitarian development organizations to provide security and prosperity because of the ability of these local organizations to employ their knowledge of Internal characteristics of these communities and the importance of this kind of local knowledge and aexperience in the global humanitarian work .