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Bitter Reality…

    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas:

    Mary tells her story: – At two o’clock in the middle of the night, while we slept quietly in our house, my husband and my children surprised us with a strong voice coming from outside and seemed exclamation marks come to us see what this sound that scared us and heard the voices of crying and shouting from the people neighboring us, Yaarb Be with us We were afraid to panic, and this was reflected throughout the whole house and we started to escape from the house with our clothes that we have and our tongue says: God, God, cover up, but during our escape, my three sons (Hassan, Fahd, and Amal) stopped at home and insisted that they gather the necessary things and they told me and their father, you flee first. We will n Your right.
    Oh, we did not realize that this was the last look to bid farewell ,,,,,,, I wish to hug them and smelled their smells continued Mary story: saying: We ran away from home without my three children and as soon as we reached the end of the road until I heard a loud voice coming from our neighborhood Vtaft focus from where This voice comes and if a voice comes from afar says this house Naji demolished missile I did not believe what I heard and returned our paths to the house to save my children and surprised that our house is over and devoured with him my three sons, so he did not believe my husband fell unconscious and did not wake only in the hospital is sick Heart and sugar does not bear the occurrence of such shocks Alani There have been rivers of tears and sadness of my heart and break your separation, my children and invited you and I hope that the judge in Paradise.
    In the blink of an eye, Mary and her husband, Naji, lost their home and their three children and decided at that moment to move from the outskirts of the southern city to the eastern outskirts.
     Maryam says: – We lived in a shop and did not have anything in it after we lost everything we have … Our house and its contents … We lost our support in the life of my three children …… And earn a living today, but now after the war we have no longer become sleep I and my husband are hungry and my husband’s health deteriorated could not work or movement only with complete difficulty now people are charity on us and I go every day to scarred in the door of ovens to eat crumbs of bread ….. Yes ….. bread to fill my hunger and hunger my husband …..