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The story of Shala’a Khalid Ahmed Hasan

    Shala’a is a widow abandoned by her own family and left alone without supporters. At the age of 68 she was desperate for help and in constant need for care.

    Were it not for the compassionate neighbors who gave her food she would have died a long time ago. Shala’a lives in Al-Daboua’a area, in a single-room house. She has cancer and could not afford the cost of medicine and treatment. Her health condition is deteriorating every day. Most of the time there is no food in her kitchen as she lives in extreme poverty and totally depends on assistance.

    When carrying out the field survey, the field team was keen to visit her and talk to her to boost her destroyed morale.

    When Shala’a received the food basket, words betrayed her as she tried to stifle. “Thank God you came to me. I am indebted to you, and I wish all the best to you and STC,” she expressed.

    Shala’s is food secure for now, despite her urgent need for cooking gas and her serious illness which eats away her body day after day.