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The story of Muharram

    Muharram, 40, was a textile retailer in the city of Taiz. He was living with his family of 7 members in a beautiful house near his shop. When the war broke out in the city of Taiz, Muharram’s house and shop were leveled to the ground. “We could hardly run for dear life,” Mohammed remembered. “We ran away as fighting and clashes intensified. We could not find time to collect our personal belongings or our official papers,” he recounted. Like the rest of the IDPs who were caught in the war zone, Muharram and his family had to flee and live in one of the single-room tenants which are practically uninhabitable. He was rendered jobless and with no source of income. HFY Yemen targeted Muharram and his family with the Ramadan food aid for the poorest families in Taiz – Yemen, funded by STC, to help them cope with this difficult living condition. Muharram thanked the HFY and the donor for what they offered to help them. Jihan, one of Muharram’s daughters, found the Eid gift in the provided materials and exclaimed: “Look mom, Eid sweets are here!” Muharram’s wife thanked HFY and STC for the food basket and the Eid gift. “They brought joy and happiness to my children’s hearts,” she said and invoked to Allah that the donor may be rewarded in abundance