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The story of Mohammed

    Mohammad Abdulwahed lives in Taiz governorate with his 6-member family. He cannot work due to his old age and a heart ailment. “My father does not work because he has a heart condition,” said Abdullah, the eldest son. “We don’t have enough money to buy food every day and we cannot provide it most of the days.” The Humanitarian Forum – Yemen provided Mohammad’s family with a complete Ramadan food basket through the Ramadan Aid Project for the poorest groups in Taiz governorate – Yemen, funded by STC. The family received basic food items usually needed during the holy month of Ramadan.

    “This food basket came right on time, as the household did not have anything, even an ounce of flour,” Abdullah explained. “It is absolutely wonderful to receive this food basket with various items. It will help us a lot, and it will suffice us for the month.” “May Allah reward you and thank you very much for you and the donor,” Abdullah expressed.