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The story of Ibtesam (um Mohammed)..

    Ibtesam, also known as Um Mohammad, is a mother of five children and the head of a very poor family. Her husband, who was a governmental employee, was killed during the war. Um Mohammed fled with her children from the area of conflict – where she used to live – to find herself living in a single-room tenement in Taiz, which lack minimal necessities, and is uninhabitable. However, she has no choice; she is illiterate and cannot work. The Humanitarian Forum – Yemen, within the framework of the Ramadan Food Aid Project (funded by STC) for the poorest families in Taiz governorate – Yemen, provided Um Mohammad’s family with a complete Ramadan food basket and a complete set of basic needs items, in order to help them through the holy month of Ramadan. Um Mohammad’s face beamed with joy when the HFY team visited her in her modest residence. She thanked HFY and the donor sincerely with tears in her eyes