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The story of elderly Malak Moqbil Naji

    Malak, an old woman at the age of 85. She was living in a small house in her village in Qadas area. Her health is fragile and she was completely dependent on compassionate people from her village who visit her intermittently and give her meals. Malak lost two sons in the war.

    Her son Rashad Abdullah Mahyoub finally convinced her to leave the house in the village and live with him in the city where he lives and works. His sense of responsibility and his love for his mother was strong. But it wasn’t easy for her to leave her house with all fond memories attached to it.

    Rashad has four children and lives in a rented two-room house. He doesn’t have a steady job and now his responsibilities are doubled but he was sure he did the right thing. But what consumed him was how to provide the expensive medicines for his mother and at the same time providing for his four children.

    When STC offered the food basket for his family and other food basket for his mother he was overwhelmed by feeling of gratitude and happiness. “I don’t know how to thank you,” he expressed “because of the availability of food I can now buy medicine for my ill mother.”

    Rashad wishes that aid would include blankets to protect them from the severe winter.