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The story of Abdo, the child who has seen life’s troubles before reaching adulthood

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas: Al-Jawf Governorate - Al-Hazm Directorate

    Name: Abdo Mubarak Hamad Mohiee
    Age: 10 years old
    Marital Status: Child
    The number of his family members: 6 Members
    Name of the camp: The Western Al-Mehzam Camp.
    The story of the child Abdo who looked at the troubles of life before reaching adulthood.
    He said: “My father used to work in carpentry and he was working all day long to provide us daily and to secure our lives and provide me and my brothers with basic needs, and when the war came and everything had turned upside down, due to the loss of our home and the place that was our source of income, my father decided that we would go to this camp in order to preserve our souls; me, my brothers and my father, but our displacement to this camp shocked us because we live inside tents where the tents are difficult to live in because they are not safe and the other reason cannot protect me and my brothers from the cold winter.

    Therefore we want to return to our house and this is difficult because our house was completely destroyed by the bombing. I lost my elder brother and we did not find any trace or information about him up to this day. Everyday passes by and my mother remembers my brother and crying over him and the situation that we have reached. Currently we have no place to resort to it other than this camp despite the lack of adequate cover or adequate clothes that protect us from the cold of winter inside the camp because the camp is not like a house where there is safety, comfort and warmth.
    It is well known that Al-Jawf Gov. is very cold in winter and it’s very hot in summer