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The Humanitarian Forum – Yemen inaugurates the second phase of the project to provide bread for the most vulnerable groups in Taiz governorate…

    Funded by Human Appeal, the Humanitarian Forum – Yemen inaugurated today morning the second phase of a project to provide bread to the most vulnerable groups in Taiz Governorate. The project aims to alleviate the human suffering of the groups most affected by the conflict in Yemen by distributing 1.5 kg of dry bread saturated with eggs, milk, and types of rich and nutritious cereals for 380 families in the districts of Al-Jahmaliyah, Al-Shamasi, and Cairo in Taiz Governorate. The distribution continues daily for two consecutive months. Beneficiaries expressed their high happiness with the resumption of the project second and their deep gratitude to the Humanitarian Forum and Human Appeal.

    Thank you, Human Appeal ^-^