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The Humanitarian Forum implements the activity of distributing school uniforms.

    Funded by Human Appeal, the Humanitarian Forum implemented the activity of distributing school uniforms for all students in the 6th of October School in Al-Sanahef – Mashra`a and Hadnan District, Taiz Governorate.
    This activity comes as the third stage of the project to restore the 6th of October School, funded by Human Appeal. It aims to reduce the pressure of expenses on the parents, especially during this stifling economic crisis that Taiz Governorate is going through, by distributing school uniforms to all mentioned school students.
    The distribution was attended by the Executive Director of the Humanitarian Forum, Mr. Noman Al-Hakami, the project manager, Bashir Al-Tobai, in addition to the project team, the school director, a number of teachers, and parents.
    Students expressed their great gratitude and thanks for the Humanitarian Forum and Human Appeal, drawing smiles of happiness and being excited to wear the new school uniform the next day.