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The Humanitarian Forum implements the 6th October School Rehabilitation Project in Al-Sanahef – Taiz Governorate..

    Funded by Human Appeal, the Humanitarian Forum – Yemen implemented the 6th of October School in Al-Sanahef – Mashra`a and Hadnan District, Taiz Governorate over three successive stages.
    The project aims to improve the education sector infrastructure in a rural community in Taiz Governorate through the restoration and rehabilitation of the 6th of October School infrastructure.
    In the project’s first stage, repairs and renovations were carried out for 3 classrooms, construction of 2 bathrooms, and the restoration of the school’s exterior facade, in addition to providing the school with 40 school chairs and tables.
    During the project’s second stage, many activities were implemented, such as distributing school bags for 500 male and female students in the basic and preparatory levels. The school was also provided with a modern computer, printer, and stationery that is sufficient for a whole year, and a resource room was established containing various materials and games. The inauguration was attended by Mr. Abdul-Alam Al-Sabai – Director of the Department of Education in the Directorate, Mr. Jamal Al-Naqib – Director of the Directorate, in addition to the Humanitarian Forum team, several heads of departments in the Department of Education, some sheiks, and the head of Al-Sanahef village.
    In the project’s third stage, school uniforms were distributed to all school students in the presence of the Executive Director of HFY, Mr. Noman Al-Hakami, and the project team. The activity aims to reduce expenses pressure on parents, especially during this stifling economic crisis that Taiz Governorate is going through.