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The Headquarters of HFY was Destroyed by the Arab Colaition Aircraft – Yemen,Sanaa,Hadda area

    On Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 9:00 pm, the headquarters of the Humanitarian Forum – Yemen in the Hadda area of the capital Sanaa – was destroyed by the Arab coalition aircraft following an air strike targeting the building adjacent to the office.
    The Humanitarian Forum is a large network of organizations consisting of more than 20 members of the local organizations in Yemen and more than 250 partner organizations in the Republic of Yemen. The Humanitarian Forum is a key partner of the United Nations Humanitarian Support Fund and many international organizations in the world. Relief aid to many areas of conflict in Yemen and has also been a leader in the face of the spread of epidemics and diseases such as diphtheria and cholera and has played a prominent role in the shelter and provide life-saving humanitarian interventions in many areas of Yemen.
    It is very unfortunate that the humanitarian forum is being destroyed and its headquarters in Sana’a have been destroyed and all its documents and property have been completely damaged. The warehouses attached to the headquarters, which were full of materials and health assistance, were also damaged.
    This is a flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2216 and related resolutions relating to Yemen, a flagrant and flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, and an act that threatens the humanitarian situation in Yemen further and further exacerbates the sufferings of the Yemenis and impedes the work of international organizations. As well as a very dangerous precedent aimed at obstructing relief efforts and humanitarian action in Yemen in a clear and frank manner. This attack has made humanitarian workers feel insecure, forcing them to abandon their humanitarian duty.
    Accordingly, we at the Humanitarian Forum Yemen with all its members call for the following:

    Issued by the Humanitarian Forum Yemen
    Sana’a, 6-6-2018