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The Handicapped Faris Ali’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    Faris Ali Muthanna is a disabled father of three children. He lives in Hawd Al-Ashraf, Taiz in a house consisting of two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Part of the house was destroyed by missiles. Most of his possessions such as water tanks and other appliances were destroyed. Even though his house is close to the conflict area, he could not leave it because he was unable to pay the cost of renting a house. He is also an IDP returnee.
    Faris’ disability (his left leg was amputated) has limited his mobility greatly. For him, providing water for drinking and washing is a daunting task, especially after the damage of the only water tank he has. It is also difficult for him to do necessary errands for the household.
    The few empty water tanks scattered in the neighborhood could be utilized by organizations or charitable associations, but there aren’t any. The nearest water distribution point is very far away.
    Penny Appeal and Humanitarian Forum arrived to this area to provide the people with the most needed drinking water. Faris and other dwellers extended their sincere feelings to Penny Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum for providing pure drinking water.