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The agony of Isa..

    Orphaned, disabled, lives far from school and a brother of 7 siblings with no provider. That’s probably all about Isa’ life. He became an orphan because of the war. He found himself to be the only breadwinner for his family on which he spends his meagre income, and hardly meets his large family needs. His siblings are deprived of education.

    Every morning Isa walks a distance of more than 2 km to school and carries under his arm his school supplies, most of which he loses on the way to school because of his disability and the lack of a school bag.

    The Human Appeal team intervention in 6 October School helped in alleviating, as much as possible, the suffering of Isa and many other needy students who were the victims of the tragic situation which affected the country in general and the Al-Sanahef village in particular.

    Isa’s happiness was indescribable as he received the school kit. He thanked Human Appeal and hoped that more good deeds will cross his path. “Things of the like for my family and the villagers will help me to better support my family and motivate me to continue education,” said Isa.