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Tears under Stairs

    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas

    A tear fell from the eyes of longings when I remembered the days of her life left painful memories a gloomy day came and turned everything beautiful to pain and sadness until the sun was not sharp and clouds are thick covered with a sad atmosphere fallen in the spring flowers, which covered the hope and clustered words to overcome the lines worn by aches: – Hey.
    I used to live in an area where there was a fear because the snipers were sniping anything alive in front of them, without mercy or compassion. No distinction was made between a man, a woman, an old man or a child. They sentenced us to death by starvation. Our luck is no worse than him, which led us to live in this particular lane, we were waiting at any time to win the opportunity to escape and suddenly allowed us to leave within twenty-four hours, we left our survivors to another lane somewhat far from the sites of clashes, but our bad luck chases us one day a shell landed Next to our house took p Lina is horror, especially our young daughter (Manar), who was affected by her psychological and deteriorated health and swollen her hands and feet. There was no work for my husband to save our daughter’s life because of the siege and murder.
    My husband had to sell our only gas cylinder in order to provide us with a fare to travel outside the city so that we could treat our daughter.
    While we are looking for housing solutions and a place to live my husband found a place under the stairs of one of the condominiums under construction so we had to break into the place without permission to sleep quietly. ) Jounieh Trap, myself, my children and my husband even began to Idaya blood out of hard work. We dwelt there, not to bite us in order to fill our hunger among the harsh cold in the harsh winter ….
    There is nothing left for us other than questions.