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Sultan’s Story..

    Sultan is from the residents of Al-Daboah area. This area is considered one of the very poor areas. Sultan has 5 children. Because of the poverty they live in and unemployment in Taiz Gov., but he struggles to find work, even at the daily wage. Sultan’s wife suffers from chronic diseases and he cannot buy medicines for her because of the high prices of medicines, and he does not have money to earn, pay the rent and buy some vegetables for his children.
    However, when the project targeted Sultan’s family, it provided him and his children with many things that were greatly lacking, especially in providing flour and gas, because they are necessary and important things for preparing bread, and they do not have money to provide such things, so Sultan rejoiced when the project targeted him during the sixty days
    Sultan thanked Human Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum and said that he hopes this project will continue.