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Story of Hurriah, IDP girl from Taiz

    Year: 2017
    Targeted Areas

    Hurriah is 12 years old. Laughter never leaves her. She is mischievous and full of vitality.
    Hurriah’s family never expected that the day will come when this girl will become silent. When the war came to the city where Hurriah was living, she went into depression and started experiencing extreme fear of lod sounds. Her family decided to leave their home.
    Hurriah came to the Safe Places with her mother. When I first saw her, she was staring around at the Safe Places. I approached her slowly and gently kissed her on her forehead with compassion. I asked I soft voice, “ Why don’t you participate in the playing?” She looked at me with fearful eyes and silent lips. But she joined us.
    As more and more children started coming for the daily classes, the level of noise inside the Safe Places started increasing. But Hurriah has now got used to the noise and the new surroundings. Her smile has come back. Hurriah has won everyone’s heart with her charm and her beautiful voice. She loves to sings. She has promised us that once she goes back to her house, she will sing the songs she learnt at the Safe Places.
    Hurriah asks,” When will the war be over? When will I be able to go back to my School?” She misses her school and event he school radio.