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Soheeb’s Mother Story

    The family was depending on Suhaib to bring water from distant and various locations. If his mother only knew that Suhaib would one day tread on a mine and lose his foot during his water errand she would never let him go out. Until now Suhaib did not get the artificial leg he has been promised. Now his mother, Katiba, 50, lives in Al-Dhaboua’a, is the one who brings water to the family. Many times she pays 600 rials to buy clean water in three 20-liters containers she owns. She usually spends 18,000 rials a month for clean drinking water which is an overwhelming amount of money to spend. If she only could save that money for something else like buying diabetes and blood pressure medicines for her ill husband, or medicine for her disabled son, or paying the rent for their house, the family would be in a better economic situation. Human Appeal provided a clean drinking water distribution point in the neighborhood. It was as close as 10 meters from Katiba’s house. Now she doesn’t have to go distances to collect water. She is also able to save money for the treatment of her son and husband. Her children feel safer now because their mother won’t go away to bring drinking water. Katiba extended her best wishes and sincere thanks to Human Appeal and wishes that water distribution activity will continue throughout the year without stopping.