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Sha’tha Mohammed Story

    I am Sha’tha, I have 4 children and I am a widow. I used to live with my children in our house in Khubb Al-Shaaf before we were displaced to Al-Matrouh refugee camp. War and escalation of conflict are the reason for my displacement.

    When we were displaced and moved to the camp we had been received warmly despite the great number of displaced families. The camp management did not have any sheltering materials due to the lack of support.

    I would like to thank the donor (PennyAppeal) for the aids they have provided to us: the tents, blanket and clothes for my children. We feel more secure and comfortable now. These materials will protect me and my children from the severe cold of winter, even though for a limited time.

    All due thanks are to the organization and the team. I also would like to ask you to provide mattresses and utensils in your next project.