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Shaikha’s Story..

    This is a story about a poor woman whose misfortune is exacerbated by the war. She was helped by the Humanitarian Forum and supported by Human Appeal.
    In humanitarian activities we often meet people who have deeply-moving stories to tell. No matter how many days passed, these stories remain engraved in memory and consciousness, encouraging people to listen and react to combat poverty.
    Shaikha Abdullah Mohammed Bawazeer, 39, is a poor displaced widow and hypertension patient. She lives with her two daughters and her ailing father in Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Taiz city, one of the areas targeted with assistance.
    Her father needs to undergo multiple surgeries for which he could not afford due to the family’s extreme poverty. Prior to the family displacement a missile killed Shaikh’s brother, the sole provider for the family. The conditions of life were very hard, but they patiently endured.
    When Shaikha went to the 22 May health center for treatment she was tremendously glad to receive free medications because she was too poor to afford them. She was thankful to God, and expressed her gratitude to Human Appeal, the Humanitarian Forum and the health center staff.