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Shafiqa Qasem

    Shafiq and her eight children had never expected that they would receive udhiyah meat. In every eid, they see other kids play around their goats which their parents bought but they never had one. This eid will be different, now they’ll smell the food and eat it as well. Mutton, for example, is a food that they heard of but never had.

    Shafiqa’s husband suffers from many health complications. Her children also have some health problems. Poverty is the main culprit for their health problems and their economic hardship. Shafiqa, too, suffers from chronic diseases; she is diabetics, hypertension patients, and has heart problems. When one of her daughters was diagnosed with cancer the family sank deeper in sadness and poverty. With no source of income, they are totally dependent on the generous hands which give them assistance and help or charitable associations which sometimes provide them with food that does not last them long.

    The team targeted this household and registered Shafiqa in the eid distribution project. She received the family’s share of meat – which will last them for a few days – in the morning of the first day of eid. That day she prepared a large and sumptuous meal for the family who gathered together and celebrated the glorious eid.

    Shafiqa could not help but burst into tears when she saw her children’s eyes glittering with happiness. She thanked Human Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum for their kind gesture towards her family during those blessed days.