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Sana Ahmed… Disabled patient with kidney failure

    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas:

    When reality hits hard

    “And these days [of varying conditions] We alternate among the people” Aal Imran Verse 140, The Holy Quran

    It is life and this is an expected trait of it: you laugh one day, you cry many other days. Nothing stationary, everything changes. We should not be blinded by the glitter of this mundane world because everything is destined to perish.
    Yesterday we were leading a happy and tranquil life. My elder brother was a fisherman and he was the breadwinner of the family. He died in a sudden turn of fate and left me and my siblings alone, facing a bitter reality we hadn’t prepared for.
    My fragile body collapsed one day, and doctors told me that I have renal failure. I developed a clot in my leg rendering me crippled.
    I toil for meager earnings. if food was scarcely available today it’s not the case for the next few days. We are in abject poverty, we literally have nothing except for one thing, we have full trust in The Almighty and I believe there must be a light and the end of the tunnel.
    My prayer was answered when the Humanitarian Forum helped in relieve our suffering and provided us with food assistance in which we were in dire need for. It enabled us to live in dignity even though for a while, thanks to those who participated and financed.