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Rajaa’s Story..

    Rajaa lives with her children and husband in Al-Qahera neighborhood in Taiz city. She has 9 young children and 4 older children who all live in one-room tenement. She has no source of income, no flour or cooking gas and none of the family members work. They live in very bad conditions, especially the father who suffers from a heart attack.
    Rajaa’s family was included in the bread distribution project. The bread project, as Rajaa said, came as a rescue for her and her family. “Sometimes, days would pass without eating anything. But now, thank God, the bread will satisfy our children hunger and we can eat in the morning and in the evening.”
    “Thanks are due to Human Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum for their humanitarian aids which brought joy into my heart and others’”
    “I hope this project will continue because affording bread was always burdening me with worries. I simply can’t buy bread,” Rajaa expressed.