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Mohammed Al-Ma’tari Story

    My name is Mohammed. I am 54 years old. I have 4 sons and 4 daughters. I used to live in tranquility and happiness with my family and I used to grow grain and vegetables in my farm which provided me and my family with basic foods.

    The days of tranquility had come to an end when the war erupted. There were continuous confrontations in our areas followed by a massive bombardment that destroyed our house and farm. Suddenly we became homeless and poor. In fact, the shelling had forced the entire population of the village to flee.

    We walked long distances to reach a refugee camp but, to our shock, it was not prepared to receive us and lacked the simplest housing materials. 

    The harsh winter was upon us and we had no suitable clothing and the camp was already very cold. But we heard the good news from the YHF team and PennyAppeal. In a humanitarian gesture, they provided us with blankets, tents and clothes for children and women. Immense happiness had engulfed me and my family as we received these materials. We implored the team to help all the displaced village residents. We also asked them to include utensils in their next project. Thank you for your help.