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Mohammed Abdu’s Story..

    Mohmammed, a father of 6 children, lives in Al-Jahmaliya neighborhood which is one of the poorest and devastated areas as it lies in a warring region.
    Poverty and unemployment have taken a toll on Mohammed. He suffers from chronic diseases and he can’t go to work. His eldest son was killed as a result of war and conflict that took place in the area. Preparing bread requires the provision of cooking gas and flour of which the household lacks both. When he was targeted by the bread distribution project, Mohammed spared the effort and toil for providing the daily bread.
    “Providing cooking gas is extremely difficult because we live in an area of direct confrontation with warring parties,” Mohammed explained. “There are organizations here implementing projects but they did not really address our needs. You are the first organization to provide us with essential needs in seven years,” he said.
    Mohammed thanked Human Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum and wished for more projects and services for the people in Al-Jahmaliya neighborhood.