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Intesar Ahmed Quid’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    The sufferings and hardships people face in Yemen are heartbreaking. However, this story is not like other stories you may hear.
    Intesar is a young woman with a simple dream of living peacefully. Like other women, she dreamt of a caring, sound and healthy husband. She dreamt of living with him in happiness. However, even simple dreams cannot be fulfilled. Intesar wakes on a harsh and painful reality.
    She is married to a man suffering from epilepsy. At the age of 35 she has 7 children and one of them has mental brain atrophy. The family were displaced from the warring zone in Al-Wa’ash mountain area to Al-Dabo’a, only to live in one single room with no furniture or even blankets or clothes to protect their body from cold or hot weather.
    As she was telling her dejecting story, I felt my heart aching for the family and my eyes were filled with tears. What this family goes through is far beyond what most of us endure. However, they clung to life with great courage and hoped for better days to come.
    Although a food basket will not cover all their needs, “it will suffice us for a while and fend off hunger,” Intesar said. She dutifully thanked Allah that brought Penny Appeal to her doorstep and provided her the food basket.