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Integrated Urgent Health , Wash and Food Assistance to Conflict Affected Families in AL -Taaziah district – Taiz (April 2019 – July 2019)

      The Humanitarian Forum – Yemen implemented the project of Integrated Urgent Health , Wash and Food Assistance to CONFLICT Affected Families in AL Ta’aziah District – Taiz. .A number of health centers were targeted to provide them with the necessary medicines to deal with the widespread epidemics, namely, The Martyr Abboud Medical Center, where 3,521 people were targeted and The Ashma Medical Center with 2,839 beneficiaries, a total of 6,360 beneficiaries, including men, women, children, disabled and elderly people.
    In addition, 1000 protective bags were distributed to displaced and poorer families and families supported with a child, disabled, elderly or woman with a total of 8116 beneficiaries. Food distribution was also distributed to 1091 families, with a total of 8753 beneficiaries..