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Humanitarian Forum – Yemen Distributes Eid Al-Adha Meat…

    The Humanitarian Forum – Yemen started on Eid Al-Adha morning, 9 July 2022, with the distribution of Eid Al-Adha meat in the framework of the project(Improving Living Conditions of Poorest Groups in Yemen by Distributing Udhiya Meat), funded by Human Appeal. The project targeted about 2,400 need families, in (Cairo, Salla, Al Mudhaffar, Mashra’a, and Hadnan) – Taiz.

    It distributed about 3.5 Kg of meat to each family. The distribution continued during the first four days of Eid Al-Adha.
    The project aimed to alleviate the human suffering of the war-affected groups in Yemen, especially the displaced, orphans, and the disabled.