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HFY Implements Homes Renovating Activity ..

    HFY Implements Homes Renovating Activity…

    Funded by Human Appeal, and within the activities of the Emergency Winter Assistance for the most vulnerable groups in Yemen, the Humanitarian Forum – Yemen is implementing the homes renovation activity for 31 poor families living in houses with damaged doors, windows, and roofs in Taiz. They were targeted with cash assistance allocated to repair the damage that makes them vulnerable to rains and harsh colds during the winter season.
    During a previous period of this project, HFY distributed winter assistance in two phases. 100 poor families were targeted by distributing blankets and kettles, in addition to quantities of tea and sugar. In addition, 20 homeless people were targeted with blankets and jackets. Furthermore, 24 workers, who work in car washing in the streets, were targeted with headscarves, long plastic shoes, and gloves.
    The project aims to alleviate the human suffering of the groups most affected by the ongoing conflict and the poorest groups and to help them face the harsh winter cold.