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Hasan Abdulwase’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    Hassan is as an old man in his 70s. He lives in a single room with his wife and disabled son. He is considered low economically and socially. He has no basic source of income of pension, and he is unable to work to meet the basic needs of a decent living. His dwelling place is unhealthy, and he can’t provide medicine for himself or for his disabled son. Hasan is a victim of social discrimination and extreme poverty.
    When he was handed the free meal coupon he shed tears of happiness and raised his hands to the sky in a thankful gesture to the Almighty. “I swear I don’t have a single grain of wheat in my house. I ran out of cooking gas 3 days ago. This coupon has just come just in time before we starve,” Hasan explained.
    When we met him in the food distribution center the other day he told us it is now possible for him to save (even though) a paltry amount of money for buying medicines for his disabled son.

    “All thanks is due to Penny Appeal for its support. I implore all organizations and charitable associations to give proper attention to the needy people,” he said. “After all those organizations are found to alleviate the suffering of the poor,” he concluded.