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Hajj Saif Mohammed Story

    Hajj Saif Mohammed, a jobless elderly living in Taiz city, suffers from chronic diseases. His wife Fatima is torn between providing for the family and providing necessary medicine for her husband. She felt psychologically imbalanced and about to collapse when her son was infected with chikungunya and suffered from acute inflammations.   Hajj Saif’s health was overwhelmed with sorrow for his sick son and his health was rapidly deteriorated.   Completely helpless for her inability to treat her son, Fatima held her son and took him to the Al-Wahda Medical Center in Al-Dhaboua neighborhood. She was expecting that her son would not receive any treatment because she had no money at all. But she was surprised when her son was examined and given necessary medicines.   “I haven’t anticipated that some people would support this center with medicines. I have been praying for my son and my prayers have been answered,” she said.   Fatima expressed her thankfulness to Human Appeal for its health intervention at Al-Wahda Health Center. “I think this is one of the most important projects for serving needy people,” said Fatima. “I wish it also provides medicines for chronic diseases,” she suggested.