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Fear and Hope

    Drinking water distribution activity for the most vulnerable families 2020 (Human Appeal) Al-Dhaboua’a distribution point   He is no older than 10 years and he lives in unceasing fear. He has to go and collect water for the household from various areas but he never knows when the sudden intermittent shelling on his neighborhood would start. The security in the neighborhoods is not that great as well.   Khaldoun lives in Lower Al-Dhaboua’a neighborhood. He brings water in two 10-liters containers every day for his family. When he sleeps he often wakes from a nightmare that he is being stalked.   The provision of a clean drinking water distribution point in his neighborhood made his water errand easy. To refill his containers and bring water for his family he only has to walk 25 meters from his home. He is always within sight as his mother watches him from the window in their home.   “I can get water easily now, and there is no messy crowd of people around water as it used to be when I had to go far away to get water,” he explained smiling. “I can’t lift my water container up to my shoulder by myself, but women here are helping me every day. When I become bigger and stronger I will lift the water by myself and I will help others too,” he enthusiastically expressed.