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Fatima’s Story..

    Fatima Mohammed , who lives in Al-Harazah area, has an unusual story to tell. Grief, sadness, tears are the three words she lives with. Her husband keeps bitterly taunting her about her father and brother (who are blind and disabled) for living with them.

    Her husband says he is unable to provide for himself in the first place, how on earth can he provide for her father and brother who has no other place to live except in his house.

    The wretched family lives a miserable life in a house not prepared for a decent living. When rain falls, the zinc roof starts leaking on the heads of the dwellers.

    Fatima often cries when her husband starts yelling at her and swearing in front of her father and brother. “I feel ashamed when my father and brother hear those bad venomous words of my husband,” said Fatima, “I wish I can do something to help my husband and make him feel I am worthy useful to the family.”

    Fatima was extremely happy when she received the Ramadan food basket because the survey team registered her name not her husband’s, so practically she is the one who provided the family with the food basket.

    “That day my husband attitude towards me changed to the best,” Fatima said. “My father and brother are more confident now and stood firmly against his bad words.”

    Fatima was thankful for receiving aid from HFY and Human Appeal which helped her physically and psychologically. She wishes to be included in any upcoming project.