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Eynas Qau’id’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    The story of Eynas is a moving one, pretty much as other stories. Eynas, 40 years old, lives in utter poverty with her children. She has two disabled children and cannot afford the cost of treatment or even meeting the family basic needs. Her husband is jobless like many others who lost their job due to the on-going conflict.
    We broke the good news to her that she will receive meals for a whole month. Eynas was overwhelmed with tears as she was telling us about her painful existence and her suffering with her two disabled children. She told us that sometimes she could not find food for her family other than a measly amount of beans. Eynas was so thankful that she prostrated herself to Allah. “May Allah bless you,” she said with tearful eyes.