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Emergency Response Project for Water and Food Needs.

    Funded by Human Appeal Organization, the Humanitarian Forum – Yemen implemented the emergency response to water and food needs in several directorates in Taiz and Sana’a, from 9/9/2020 to 12/22/2020.

    The project aims to alleviate human suffering in areas affected by war and spread of infectious diseases through the implementation of the project’s activities, which varied according to emergency needs. 13 Sabeel drinking water points were provided in the districts of Cairo – Al-Muzaffar – a Sallah with clean drinking water for two and a half month. The number of beneficiaries from this activity reached about 13,000 beneficiaries.

    Also, 665 poor and displaced families were targeted, with the distribution of integrated food baskets in three stages. Besides, the project provided both Al Zahrawi Center in Amanat Al Asimah and Al Wahda Medical Center in Taiz Governorate with the necessary medicines, laboratory solutions, and necessary preventive supplies, bringing the total number of beneficiaries from this project to 12,631 direct beneficiaries.