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Displacement and Suffering of Zuhrah

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas: Al-Jawf Governorate - Al-Hazm Directorate

    Name: Zuhrah Ali Mohammad Al-Aznam
    Age: 19 years old
    Marital Status: Married
    The number of her family members: She has two children and is pregnant in the eighth month.
    Name of the camp: The Western Al-Mehzam Camp.
    The story of the displaced woman Ms. Zuhrah is a a very sad and painful one, especially since she recounts her suffering before displacement and what happened to her after displacement….
    She said: “My husband and me were all right. We had a small grocery that met our basic needs and provided us with a living. My family, husband, two children and me were living in a small house (renting) in a small area.
    One day after midnight, we were surprised by the sounds of warplanes and missiles everywhere. I looked for my children with a great terror and panic. Then, I took them to my lap in order to relieve the intensity of the fear that appeared on their faces. This situation continued until the morning. When we went out, we saw the catastrophe of the place. A horrific sight free of any humanity,
    In the evening, the sounds of the rockets started to increase. We continued this situation for two days, and our house was bombed, and we were displaced to preserve our lives, leaving behind us everything we possess including our house, source of income, furniture, our official papers, the most beautiful memories of our life with our people and neighbors. We fare welled our beautiful memories and fled from war. Now, we are now without shelter except this small tent, which contained my family members and me. Where I am pregnant in my last months, I have two children, and there is no care inside the camp because the camp is crowded with the IDPs. Not all the needs of the IDPs can be covered. We do not have enough cover for me and my family because of the poor quality of the tents. So, the tents cannot protect us from this severe cold, as we are tired and sick too much. We cannot endure the trouble of freezing cold.
    We ask God to stop this unjust war and we can return to our homes safely, peacefully, me, and all members of my family.