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Belal Mohammed Abdullah’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    The stories of destitute households who suffer from the on-going armed conflicts in our country are many to count and similar in nature. However, let me tell you the heart-breaking story of a family lacking the simplest necessities of life.
    Belal Mohammed Abdullah, 35, is a father of 6 children. He was forced to sell the clothes he wore to buy one-day food for his family. Can you comprehend what I am trying to say? Belal roams his neighborhood almost naked in the coldness of winter and under the scorching summer sun.
    I know life is hard and the world is cruel, but Bilal’s story has surpassed the limits and tormented the consciousness of people. However, one single food basket made a difference to him.
    Penny Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum provided Bilal a food basket. It is so heart lightning to see him smile in relief as he receives his share of food. “Thank you for your efforts in finding us and providing us food. As long as there are good people we will be alright,” Bilal expressed.