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Asya Ali Al-Haaj’s Story

    Funding: Penny Appeal Organization
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    Asya, a destitute widow with 3 children, has no source of income or salary. Her elder son dropped from school to provide for his mother and his younger brothers and sisters. He collects empty plastic bottles from the garbage bins and sells them to recycling factories for a cheap price.
    When she was registered by the Humanitarian Forum for the free food coupon, she couldn’t believe it because, as she said, other organizations and charitable societies usually skip her despite the fact that she is eligible.
    “With free food for one month I can save money I usually spend on cooking gas and vegetables and other stuff,” she explained.
    She couldn’t believe she got a food basket as well for the second consecutive month. “It never happened that I received a food basket twice in a row,” she said. Asya wished that Penny Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum to continue their support and thanked the working team.