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Aqeel Ismael / patient of liver disease and brain atrophy

    Year: 2019
    Targeted Areas:

    Aqeel Ismael Abdullah Al-Maqtari / patient of liver disease and brain atrophy Al-Huk District, Ibb governorate

    Death looms over my head..
    Nobody knows, brothers and sisters, what destiny holds for us. But am I destined to this endless suffering? Only Allah knows.
    The plight of war and sickness are my dreadful company. Gone the days of security and hope for a prosperous and brighter future. Now I am languishing in a bitter reality and I am unable to adapt. Now I am ignorant of what it means to be hopeful or happy. Sadness, fear and worries have taken a heavy toll of my life as I am waiting the imminent sad ending.
    I suffer from brain atrophy and liver disease. I know you may shudder hearing that, but my days are numbered and I am deeply sinking into an endless vacuum of fear. Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid of death, I never was. I only fear what awaits my children and their mother when I am gone. I can see the look in their eyes bidding me a final farewell as they leave for school, afraid that I will be no more when they’re back.
    “Please father, do not die. Wait for us till we are back from school.” I turn my gaze to my collapsed wife as she stutters “What can we do to bring back lost happiness to our small family. We cannot afford the cost of medicine and treatment.” Her words wrung my heart. I am hapless, unable to sustain my family, let alone providing necessary medicine for my ailment.
    As I am contemplating my fate, hope eventually knocked my door. I was graced by the visit of the good people of the Humanitarian Forum who provided me and other displaced poor people with rations. The smile found its way to my lips. Now I hope again. I hope I can get medicine to cure my disease. Please help me take care of my family.
    I profoundly thank you ladies and gentlemen for your generosity to alleviate the suffering of people like me who are dying throughout our beloved Yemen.