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Amal Ahmed Story

    Amal Ahmed, a beneficiary from Taiz governorate, had always dismissed the idea of having fever diseases as a far-fetched one. In fact, she thought that chikungunya (a viral fever) was nothing but a nasty rumor, although deep inside her she knew that she was not prepared for any diseases.   Her worst fears came true when Shams – her little daughter – fell sick with chikungunya. Shams was suffering from increasing fever and unbearable joint pain. Amal’s husband, Bilal Mohammed, had to go out to find anyone who could help him with money to treat his ailing daughter. His hope was dashed. He could not collect any amount of money to save the life of his little darling.   As he wandered the streets, his fate brought him to a person who told him that Al-Wahdah Health Center in Al-Dabouah neighborhood dispenses medicines for all patients for free. Bilal’s heart was racing as he hurried back to his daughter to take her to the health center.   At the health center, Shams had received free and proper treatment until she was stabilized and fully recovered.   Amal’s family was grateful to Human Appeal for saving the life of their daughter and providing medicines for Al-Dabouah neighborhood.   “I was worried sick about my daughter’s condition. There wasn’t anything in the house worth selling for the treatment of my daughter,” she reflected.