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Ali’s Story..

    The story of Ali, a resident of the Seena neighborhood, is a very tragic one. In a relentless motion of daily life, Ali wakes up in the early morning searching for a job, but all his efforts are in vain.
    He tries hard to support his family of 11 persons. He has 9 children who all go to school except for one daughter who needs special care and medicines.
    The family lives in a small rented house which lacks basic food and shelter items such as mattresses and blankets.
    The food baskets project helped in securing their needs for food for one month, averting hunger for a while. “I need you to support my family with monthly rations,” Ali implored the team.
    “May the Almighty reward you with health, sustenance and happiness,” said Ali, thanking Human Appeal and the Humanitarian Forum for their efforts, and thanking all the project teams.