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Ahlam’s Story

    Funding: STC Foundation
    Year: 2020
    Targeted Areas: Taiz Governorate - Yemen

    Yemenis face the harsh reality of having to live through this ravaging war every day, needy households are increasing in number and agony.
    Ahlam Ameen Abdulmalik, 39, lives with her 5 children in a small single room in Al-Dabou’a neighborhood, crammed, along with modest belongings, in that confined space. Her husband, who has gone mad, left her and vanished. Her 14-year-old elder son works in selling falafel to provide for the household. But they’re way far from achieving a decent living or adequate housing. Healthy food, proper clothing and a spacious place? They can do without all of that, as poverty has forced them to limit their choices.
    When we started the field survey we met her and saw firsthand her severe deprivation. We immediately included her in the basket food and hygiene kits distribution activity.
    Ahlam received the assistance with immense gratitude. Thanks to STC and the Humanitarian Forum aid she was able to save some money which she can use to buy school items for her children. “I am touched with your kind gesture, I hope you continue supporting us,” she said