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Abdulrahman’s Story..

    Abdulrahman is one of the students in Bakatheer School. He is the eldest of his six siblings. They live in a single-room tenement with their parents in one of Taiz neighborhoods. “My father is sick and suffers from acute renal failure and cannot work,” Abdulrahman said. “My father cannot provide enough daily sustenance for us, so we live on one meal all day.

    “I could not concentrate in school when I am hungry. I do not have enough money to buy a breakfast meal like the rest of my classmates. I had to wait until the end of school and go home for lunch with the rest of my family,” Abdulrahman explained. He thought many times to skip school or stop studying altogether.

    The ready-made meals project for the affected children in Bakatheer School, Taiz – Yemen which was implemented by HFY and funded by STC, helped Abdulrahman and students like him to finish the school year. As he put it, the meal allocated to him every day until the end of the school year had helped him to finish the school year peacefully.

    Abdulrahman thanked HFY and STC and expressed his hope for the continuation of the project for the next year.