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    Matra from Al-Jawf governorate said that”I was living in Barat area where we used to own a house and a farm. Last year’s rain destroyed our house and flooded our farm, we were almost drowned in the torrential flood. We had no choice but to move to Al-Arabia refugee camp in Wadi Mahwaj. The flood swept away all our belongings, we were totally lacking food and drinking water, we needed blankets and clothes. 

    Being a displaced person makes you feel like a stranger who lacks the minimum necessity of life such as food and water and health care.

    We were received at the camp in a very dull manner. The camp management could not provide us anything because the camp lacks necessary shelter materials.

    But PennyAppeal came to us and gave us the tent and three blankets to protect us from cold, rain and even the sun. The tent is our shelter now and is the only thing we possess after we lost our house. Thank you very much and may you be rewarded in abundance. I hope you increase your support for us.”