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Mohammed Abdu Saif

    38 years old
    Mohammed inherited a plot of land from his father. But greedy grabbers, enemies of humanity, tried to take his land by force.   Mohamed, a profoundly deaf, is a member in the Physically Disabled Association. He has a diploma in Computer Sciences but he is jobless. He is married to a profoundly deaf woman. He has two daughters, the oldest is 14 and the youngest is 9 months.   In 2019 armed gangsters forcefully seized his land. He went out to prevent them from completing their sinister act but how would he possibly reason with a bunch of criminals while he himself cannot even speak? The gangsters boss shot him in the thigh and calf. He is still receiving treatment for his injury until today.   The Association followed his case and managed to issue a judicial order for stopping the construction on his land, but he still fears for his life as the gangsters may retaliate or take his land again.   Mohammed is still affected by the incident until today. He lives in a very difficult humanitarian situation. He has no job to help him obtain a decent and dignified life for him and his family.   Mohammed was targeted by Human Appeal, along with many other physically disabled people. Mohammed talked to us in sign language and expressed his gratitude for the efforts exerted by Human Appeal to alleviate his suffering. He hopes that the assistance will not stop.   He also said that he will not give up and will go on in life despites the circumstances that turned his life and his family upside down. Beneficiary telephone number: 774381338