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    Beneficiary: Ahmed Sinan Abdu Sinan

    Al-Dhaboua’a neighborhood

    It was not easy communicating with Haj Ahmed, an elderly at 65 years of age with weak hearing. But when we managed to convey our message to him we could see his eyes gleam with happiness. He was overwhelmed with joy and stuttered words of gratitude as he started talking about his exceedingly difficult situation.   The most important thing in his life is to take care of his eight children and help them continue their education. “I am very concerned about the education of my children, but I don’t have adequate income to give them proper education,” he said.   Haj Ahmed had to sell his wife’s gold at 42 thousand rials to pay tuition fees and buy school materials, but it was a dilemma to him: food or education?   Haj Ahmed is unable to work. He suffers from kidney problems, rheumatoid and loss of hearing. He lives in a cramped house in Al-Dhaboua’a neighborhood.   His only but intermittent income comes from selling water at the sidewalk in the neighborhood. His average monthly income is $10 (equivalent of 6000 to 8000 rials)   “The price hike is driving me crazy, can you believe one kilo of tomatoes costs YR1600? That is too much for anyone,” he told us.   Haj Ahmed received a food basket from Human Appeal through the Humanitarian Forum. “These foods have arrived just in time. It will last for 20 days at best but I won’t worry about food meanwhile,” he said.   Haj Ahmed expressed his desire for the continuation of this activity. “I wish you make our voice heard throughout the world. Me, my wife and children deserve to live in dignity,” he asserted. Haj Ahmed Sinan has no contact means.