Emergency Response to Food and Food Security Needs in Taiz Governorate (1 August 2019 - 18 December 2019)


The Humanitarian Forum - Yemen, funded by Amir Khan Foundation and Adam Saleh Organization, has carried out the emergency response to food and food security needs in Taiz governorate project. The project aimed to distribute 650 integrated food baskets in some governorate directorates through two stages for the poorest and displaced families. Food activity beneficiaries number has reached 4295 direct beneficiaries. The project has also aimed to purchase a group of livestock (sheep) to several poor and displaced families. Four livestock have been purchased for each family. As a total, livestock has been purchased for 100 families is 400 livestock. 
The major goal of this activity was to achieve a kind of self-sufficiency and food security for displaced and poor families. Beneficiaries number of food security activity has reached 769 beneficiaries.
The total number of direct beneficiaries for this project has reached 5064 direct beneficiaries.