Improve Awareness on Reproductive Health and Family Planning - 2013/2014

Funding: Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development
Targeted Areas:

Main Activities
1- Qualified as an implementing partner in the 1st stage
2- Conduct 610 awareness sessions at (Sana'a Capital –Hajja- Abb-Taiz- Al Mahaweet – Dhamar-Sana'a Capital )on Reproductive Health rights and how to use family planning methods
3- Distribute 21,000 posters on family planning.
4- Print and distribute 10,000 brochures on family planning methods
5- Design, print and distribute 50,000 flyers on family planning to be distributed on people’s gatherings, local markets.
6- Design and print 15,000 brochures on sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS.